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Music has the potential to send messages, to express and to explore worlds subjective to our minds, music isn't constrained to a single meaning, and that is, what makes music not only a vast source of imagination, but a way to understand ourselves better.


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Well I might not be popular or anything, yet I believe people become "fans" expecting more content from me, and that's why I am sorry.

Let's see, I have never been much of a "post" person, neither one that has a publishing schedule, so my account is very, VERY inactive and it's really not my intention...

I have tried, really tried composing something but it's like I am no longer creative, nothing seems to flow...
I have hundreds of musical experiments, all abandoned because I just don't get to make anything new anymore.

I have tried, I have really tried even doing other stuff, like digital paintings and whatnot, but something really isn't well in me, and I do know, this place is like, the most ridiculous one to get so expressive but, I really feel bad for not being able to share anything lately, and it's not even like if I hadn't the time, it is a completely insane feeling of creative deception all the time I try... And I got to be honest, I am not feeling very well, and I don't know really why am I even still typing this...

I will keep trying, alright?
I wish you all a nice, very nice day!

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