Entry #6

I'm sorry!

2017-06-03 02:44:11 by Ikerion

Well I might not be popular or anything, yet I believe people become "fans" expecting more content from me, and that's why I am sorry.

Let's see, I have never been much of a "post" person, neither one that has a publishing schedule, so my account is very, VERY inactive and it's really not my intention...

I have tried, really tried composing something but it's like I am no longer creative, nothing seems to flow...
I have hundreds of musical experiments, all abandoned because I just don't get to make anything new anymore.

I have tried, I have really tried even doing other stuff, like digital paintings and whatnot, but something really isn't well in me, and I do know, this place is like, the most ridiculous one to get so expressive but, I really feel bad for not being able to share anything lately, and it's not even like if I hadn't the time, it is a completely insane feeling of creative deception all the time I try... And I got to be honest, I am not feeling very well, and I don't know really why am I even still typing this...

I will keep trying, alright?
I wish you all a nice, very nice day!


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2017-06-03 03:47:32

Hey there,you don't have to be sorry for not submitting anything!It's okay if you don't have any ideas because it's normal for all artists to have this problem.Give yourself time to let the ideas come to you and don't worry too much about it!And remember to keep doing what you love and have fun!Good luck!


2017-06-03 05:01:27

It's ok to push you further, but don't forget to take time to breath so you don't frustrate yourself



2017-09-04 23:53:39

Hey man we love you!! Take ur time... Trust me it always happens to creators and artists of all kind. So many unfinished projects for any other reason but inspiration might come late but it always come back and never let artist down.